Attention: Have Trauma from Abusive Relationships?

How To Transform Your Trauma Into Peace Without Needing Drugs Or Alcohol

"I've been in the space of Spirituality now for over 30 years and Matthew truly has a gift for spreading healing wisdom."

- Deepak Chopra

Tell Me This

Do you feel any of the below?

  • Every time you turn around you do you feel like you’re being dragged down by low vibration and frequency of people’s drama?
  • Do you feel nNobody seems to get you, and you can’t figure out why and this leaves depressive feelings of being alone?
  • Do you think the stress, anxiety & depression makes you feel sick to your stomach most of the time?

If you answer "YES" to any of the above question then you are like how I used to be. 


Introducing: Healing From Abuse Guide

A step by step guide to show you that you don’t need people and situations to change, to find the inner peace that you have been looking for. 

What’s Included in Healing From Abuse Offer?

Universoul Awakening eBook:

“Wake Up The World Always Weighing Down On Your Nerves” 

Total Value $27.00

It’s vital that you wake up to your true essence, otherwise it won’t matter if you have the loveliest relationships in your life, the outer world will push down hard on your nerves if you don’t learn to know who you are right now. The focal point of this eBook is to show you your way home to your true essence

Bonus #1: Universoul Awakening eBook Workbook + Audio Version

"Learn Action Steps Through Stories To Heal Right Now"

Total Value $67.00 

It's vital that you don't just learn about the concepts in the Universoul Awakening eBook: Who Am I Right Now, without seeing clearly and precisely how they apply specifically to real life situations. This workbook will briefly explain each chapter from the Universoul Awakening Who Am I Right Now eBook with fictional stories that drive home how they look in a life situation, followed by action steps that you can take immediately to begin healing from the trauma of your abuse. Also included is an audio version to download and listen on desktop or mobile. 

Get It For FREE When You Order Healing From Abuse Today!

Bonus #2. Awakened Healing Masterclass

"Heal From Trauma induced stress & anxiety."

Total Value $197.00

This Awakened Healing Master class is a 3 1/2 hour screen recorded PowerPoint Presentation, presented by Matthew Scott Donnelly. This powerpoint presentation includes each chapter from the Universoul Awakening eBook: Who Am I Right Now. This will help you gain more of a full spectrum on why humans are going through so much stress, anxiety, depression and how to heal once and for all. You can either watch it on Vimeo, or download it and listen to it on your desktop or mobile device.

Get It For FREE When You Order Healing From Abuse Today!

Bonus #3. Awakened Healing Mini Course

“Heal From Multiple Generational Dysfunctions”

Total Value $147.00

Video Secret #1: Healing From Alcoholism - Learn the root cause of where alcoholism comes from, and how to heal from it. Taught by Matthew Donnelly
Video Secret #2. What is Self Love - learn what real self love is and self love is the key to healing. Taught by Crystale Boisvert 
Video Secret #3. How to Spot A Narcissist - Learn how to spot a narcissist and to heal from your own narcissistic traits. Taught by Crystale Boisvert 
Video Secret #4. Deepest Levels of Freedom - Learn how to find the deepest level of freedom that there is, even in the dark and rough times. Taught by Brian Piergrossi

Bonus #4. Resting From Anxiety Guided Meditation

"Learn How To Truly Rest From Anxiety Right Now"

Total Value $197.00

This Guided Meditation is to help show you what right on the spot how it feels to rest from anxiety. No concepts, no ideas, no beliefs, just real direct and immediate rest and healing. Guided by Matthew Donnelly

Bonus #5. Private 
Facebook Group: 

"Never Heal Alone. Heal with a community and Family."

Total Value Priceless

Imagine having a Private Facebook community all with the same mission as you. A private community that has the same goal of Healing from the Trauma of your Abuse. You can ask Myself - Matthew any personal questions you like. Come to vent about a rough day that you're having. A private Facebook Family to help with full support on your journey inward & into healing. 

Get All Above For FREE When You Order Healing From Abuse Today!

Total Value $635.00


By Day 30 of Awakened Healing You Will…

  • Improve your Self-esteem so that you don’t take everything everyone says to heart anymore.
  • Protect yourself from being heart broken so that you can give your full attention to being the best boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife that you can be.
  • Stop worrying about the next drug or alcoholic beverage so that you don’t have to deal with hangovers and the low’s of sobering up.
  • Heal from betrayal and abandonment so that you can move on from the past and start living more abundantly right now. 
  • ​Overcome childhood trauma so that you don’t have to keep reliving the same past traumatic experiences over and over again.
  • ​Overcome anger towards the way that society is, so that you can truly start accepting society for exactly how they are right now. 
  • ​Heal from any sickness or illness that you have so that you can start giving your body the love and attention it deserves.
  • ​Overcome social anxiety, feeling like you’re going to be rejected so you can start having meaningful conversations with people.
  • Heal from judging people who you don’t know because you are looking at your present moment through the lens of the past so that you can start building relationships that uplift you instead of bringing you down.

“Thank God, Matthew taught me the importance that healing does not happen trying to fix my situation, but rather healing comes from inside.

Words cannot explain how much trauma, stress, depression and anxiety he has helped me overcome back showing me my way home. His program are highly recommended” - Anthony 

You CAN Be Deeply Connected With Everything Beyond Your Wildest Imagination

What would life be like if you wake up feeling like you CANNOT WAIT to start your day!

You wake up not just feeling refreshed, but knowing that in EVERY MOMENT life feels refreshing rather than dragging.

What would life be like if instead of seeing society as someone you want to exclude yourself from… began to feel deeply connected and genuinely wanting to share your life with others.
There are so many people who are already in your life that you can connect with deeply but your trauma is making it too hard for you to see.

You will not just start to genuinely love people but receive more love from people than you can handle.

Imagine that someone is trying to bring you down with low, toxic energy but because you have healed it no longer affects you the way it used to.

And even if it does affect you somewhat, you have been rewired with emotional resilience to catch it and heal from it on the spot.

I’m telling you to forget about hope…

...hope is a terrible way to live life when you can be at peace with yourself, society, with family, friends and your situation right this very moment.

Stop hoping and start healing now!

A Reminder of Everything that is inside.

  • Universoul Awakening: Who Am I Right Now eBook Valued At $27.00
  • Bonus #1: Universoul Awakening eBook Workbook + Audio VersionHealing From Alcoholism: Valued At $67.00
  • ​Awakened Healing Masterclass 3.5 Hours Video Content Valued At $197.00 
  • ​The Awakened Healing Mini Course Valued At $147.00
  • Resting From Anxiety Valued At $197
  • ​Facebook Private Group Valued At Priceless

Total Value $635


Hear What Some Of Our Readers Have To Say!

"I laughed with unbridled joy during the moment of transcending my trauma"!

“Matthew brings magic into his work!! Words cannot describe the profound outcome after going through Healing from Abuse. I felt my whole brain and body shift with complete ease, peace, and grace. I have been less reactive and more conscious of my environment. All my friends notice a total shift in awareness. I knew it in my heart because I laughed with unbridled joy during the moment my perspective on my trauma shifted. If it's the last thing you do, go through Healing from Abuse.

– Gabriela Lipson

At The Age of 60, Cheryl Finally Broke Free From Her Inner Trauma After Years Of Self-Loathing

"I want to thank you for sharing this gift of yours. I felt every word and was completely amazed at how you put into words all I could not. I am 60 years old and in the middle of my awakening and I wanted to thank you for helping me heal. I view it like this as it is truly the path we are all meant to find in this lifetime and that peace is the ultimate goal. Here’s to the beginning of what I know without a doubt is a journey home! Blessings to you and many thanks once again. You have helped me 

– Via Email: Cheryl Penticoff

Demetrius Applied Universoul Awakening And Recovered From Massive Inner Pain, Depression, and Daily Alcohol Abuse!

"Ever since my mother died last year, I went into a great depression and began to drink hard alcohol daily. Some times I would even blackout and would continue the process the next time I woke up. Since I met Matthew, words cannot describe how much he has helped me straighten myself out. I no longer feel that I need alcohol to get by this deep depression I once felt. I Highly recommend him for helping with whatever you're going through."

– Demetrius Clemons

Will Discovered The Reason For His Overwhelming Stress At Work!

"As a video editor I sometimes spend 8-10 hours straight editing videos for my clients, and all of it overwhelms me trying to get multiple projects done at once. If I do not take on enough projects then I have extreme financial difficulties. I had been constantly overwhelmed and stressed until Matthew helped me tremendously showing me that it was less about my responsibilities and more about healing my trauma. His eBook is HIGHLY recommended."

- Will Engle

Wayne Went From Being A Homeless Alcoholic In Pain... To A Joyful & Productive Member of Society!

"I have quite a troubled past which culminated in six months of being homeless, alienated from all I had previously loved, alone in the streets and addicted to alcohol. This caused massive trauma, whilst I didn't see it for what it was back then fully I often describe it as if I had died on those streets to be immediately reborn afterward. After this very profound shift of consciousness, I wandered around until I came back to society for various reasons but didn't find anyone who liked me there. Even around my family, I often felt alone. Thankfully, Matthew was one of the first people I found that has changed that feeling of aloneness. Matthew's wisdom and insight helped me understand myself and be at peace, which has healed me of my trauma. His eBook is highly recommended."

– Wayne Turton

“I am far happier now and peaceful with the help of Matthew's wisdom”!

Matthew spoke much about why our most important concern in this lifetime is to heal trauma and has shown me a deep knowledge of Healing from Abuse. After going through Healing from Abuse I transitioned to a point where I was no longer affected by my trauma and I started to discover in myself the importance of healing. Yes, Healing From Abuse helped me heal and let go of everything that doesn't serve me. I am far happier now and peaceful with the help of Matthew's wisdom.” 

– Esther Zabanal

Why Else Would You Want To Heal?

Don’t just make the change to transform your trauma for yourself. Make the change for your loved ones, and ALL of the relationships in your life that matter most to you.

The single greatest thing that you can offer your loved ones is your very own peace.

Think about how happy it would make you to see your family truly happy, truly content in life all because you made it your number one decision to heal from the trauma of your abuse. Don’t just heal for yourself, heal for your loved ones too.

Here is why Healing From Abuse is Different Than Other Offers On The Market

One of the challenges that I have seen in regards to meditation is that traditions such as Zen, Advaita Vedanta, Taoism each have unique ways of working with the mind, to silence the mind so you can heal from your trauma.

So after having studied each tradition and meditated well over 1,000 hours in 3 years, I have combined all traditions and added my own unique input in the Healing From Abuse guide.

After having meditated & realized Nirvana or the absolute total release from a SINGLE OUNCE OF TRAUMA more times than I can count...

...I can assure you that there is nobody else on the earth who can guide you on the journey inward to healing yourself from the trauma of your abuse like Healing From Abuse Guide can. 

Are You Ready To Heal From Your Trauma With Awakened Healing?

A Reminder of Everything that is inside.

  • Universoul Awakening: Who Am I Right Now eBook Valued At $47.00
  •  Healing From Narcissism by Crystale Boisvert: Valued At $47.00
  • Healing From Alcoholism: Valued At $67.00
  • ​Guided Meditation: Resting From Expectations Valued At $97.00 
  • ​Universoul Awakening Workbook Valued At $67.00

Total Value $325.00 


That’s not all you will learn. You will also learn…

  • 1.) Look, a lot of us are living busy lives. In fact most of most of our stress and anxieties come from how busy we are…..or so we think. Part of what you will learn in these offers is that contrary to popular belief, your responsibilities are not the real reason you’re always in stress. It’s because you're stuck in time. Part of the healing process is healing from time.
  • 2.) Most spiritual teachers would tell you that nothing outside of you can show you the answers that you’re looking for. And this is of course relatively true, however where it is not absolutely true is because if it were you would not be going through the stress, anxiety and tension right now as a result of your life situation and the people in it.

    It’s alright to have outside guidance even though ultimately you will be the one looking within.
  • 3.) A lot of people think that they are already at peace, but they have to really compare it to unshakable peace. And I’m referring to Nirvana. Nirvana is not just peace, it’s as if there was nothing else on the face of the earth OTHER THAN peace.

    Once you have been guided correctly inward to where you have awakened to boundless and infinite love will you know TRULY what peace is.

Don’t let another second of Societies expectations bring you down any longer

If you don’t take action now and make peace the number one most important thing in your life, you won’t ever find truly how great life can be. You won’t ever be able to provide the pure radiance of peace and joy of overcoming your abuse and the unhealthy habits that it has led to.

Always constantly struggling over how you are going to fit into society, how you are going to handle the low vibration and frequency of those you come across.

Don’t miss this chance right now to make potentially the most transformative decision of your life time.

Kelli Born was grieving the loss of her husband before she discovered Universoul Awakening!

“Matthew Scott Donnelly has been a very positive influence in my journey in life as he shares great wisdom and many insights that lead to a better understanding of how to heal our trauma. His Healing From Abuse program has many golden nuggets of profound truth that helped me through the grieving period of losing my husband to Alzheimer's disease. I can't recommend his valuable words of wisdom highly enough. I guarantee you will come away with a deeper awareness and understanding of how to heal through life.”
– Kelli Born

Who Is Matt Scott Donnelly?

Hi I’m Matthew Scott Donnelly
I had been going through real pain for 25 years of my life, but I didn’t want to admit it.

When I finally decided to admit it, I went on a deep search for myself and truth. About 5 years ago, I suddenly woke up to the ultimate human experience.

I have since made it my life mission to experience this unbelievable bliss, joy and peace as often as humanly possible.

I have also decided that it was time not to just experience this unshakable quench for the truth, but to share with as many people as possible.

“No more holding back. Be reckless. Tell your love to everybody.” - Rumi

Last Thing

Who is this offer NOT for?

  • This is not for someone who wants things to come easy. 
  • ​This is not for someone who wants to sound cool for being woke.
  • ​This is not for someone who wants to level up spiritually. (Although you will have more peaceful experience)
  • This is not for someone to become more spiritual, or even more spiritually advanced than others.
  • This is not for someone who wants to become more special than others.
  • ​This is not to make more money in your life, although it can.
  • ​This is not to improve your life situation, although it can. 

Is this right for you?

  • Want to heal from the trauma caused from Abuse?
  • ​Want to know a peace that is everlasting and available whenever you want it.
  • ​Willing to dedicate yourself to living the best you possibly can?
  • ​Who is willing to put his/her peace as the NUMBER 1 most important thing in life.
  • ​Isn’t afraid of what other people think, knowing that trauma was from attaching one to external validation.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Because I feel so strongly about how much this can help you, I’m willing to give you a full 30 day money back guarantee. I’m that confident that you will not need your money back, especially because it is important that you study the guide and practice it thoroughly throughout your life to get the most benefit.

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